Speedo Fastskin Kickboard
Speedo Fastskin Kickboard Speedo Fastskin Kickboard

Speedo Fastskin Kickboard

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Fastskin Training Aids - Train Smarter. Race Faster.

Combining science and speed for the performance swimmer.

87 years of racing knowledge focused into a system of new training tools, Fastskin training aids are designed to make you train smart and race fast.

Constructed from optimum materials and based on the science behind swimming, Speedo Aqualab and world class athletes have worked together to create a range of ergonomically designed training aids formed exclusively around the needs of the performance swimmer.

Fastskin Kickboard

The Fastskin Kickboard isolates your lower body forcing your legs to do the hard work, leaving you free to focus on your kick technique and improve leg strength.

  • Textured grip for comfortable ans secure hold
  • Unique hull design on lower surface for greater straight line speedo and stability, ensuring an efficient kick set
  • Sealed, durable and firm EVA foam used to ensure life expectancy of the product
  • Designed and tested in Speedo Aqualab