Speedo Water Balls - Pastel

Speedo Water Balls - Pastel


Parents can rest assured that when you buy Speedo, your child is using some of the safest swimming aids available. Our range of buoyant swimming aids help to build a child's confidence as they progress through the 3 stages of learning to swim. Safety is always our primary concern, and we manufacture to the most rigorous Australian and European standards, ensuring that our products are safe to use in the water where the wearer is within their depth.

Part of the Learn To Swim range, this product is suitable for stage 3: Now it's time for your child to get a bit more adventurous, and have some serious fun! Stage 3 products help children to build confidence, whether on top of, or under the water.


  • Contains three water balls per pack
  • Colourful design with fun character prints
  • Manufactured to the most rigourous Australian and European Safety Standards
  • Children must be under supervision when using this product